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  • December is full of dates with conflicts, busy schedules, tight wallets, and expensive holiday venues.
    Save Money and have more choices– just like a wedding, the less likely a venue is to have business on a particular day or weekend, the easier it is to get a better price. You have a better chance of booking the day you want without competing with everyone else.Conference centers, hotels, and restaurants offer more for your buck during January and February.
    Your Guests Will Be Happy – There is a lot going on during in December; personal holiday gatherings, family plans, travel, shopping and more, there’s only so many days in December. Your guests will appreciate you pushing the holiday event to January or February when everyone’s schedules seem to slow down.
    More Discounts – When shopping for centerpieces or other decorations purchase right after December 26th when holiday decoration prices will be slashed – save money and spend it on something more memorable like our All American Deuling Piano Show (773) 456-4439
    Entertainment – There are more choices of dates available for All American Deuling Piano to provide you with an awesome Dueling Piano Show for you coworkers, client friends and family!

    Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago Holiday Lights!