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  • What you will get with All American Dueling Pianos:
    • An Iron Clad GUARANTEE from us. No one else offers this level of service.
    • Customize Your Event. We can write a new song for you, sing your existing company songs, sing your favorite college fight songs. We do this in advance so you know you will get what you like and deserve.
    • High Gloss Digital Grand Pianos. An audience ALWAYS listens with their eyes.  Other dueling pianos shows use cheap, light weight, cardboard pianos. You can sit on ours.  Not that you HAVE to. But you can if the Spirit moves you. High Gloss = High Class. Your clients and guests will know the difference.
    • We Know The Formula. Dueling Pianos Shows look chaotic. But there is a method to our madness. There is a formula to getting everyone singing along, interacting and laughing all night.
    • Special Events Packaging. No matter if you are planning a corporate event, music for your wedding reception or organizing a charity event fundraiser. We have done it all. Private Parties, Country Clubs, Bar Mitzvahs and Festivals. No one else compares when it comes to versatility. By the end of the event we will have everyone singing, arm in arm with the passion and fervor you can only get from live music with All American Dueling Pianos.
    • Exceptional Musicianship. We actually play our instruments live. No pre-recorded tracks. No drum machines. No canned sequences and backing tracks. Real piano players playing real live music and singing our hearts out. You will feel the difference.

    We know how to get people involved and dancing. We will get people up and around the piano for a very touching sing along which will be remembered by all. There is a certain magic that happens in the power of the sing along circle.

    Ask us about how we can fit into your next event.

    Our piano entertainers know how to read a room and the audience. Don’t take our word for it. Ask our satisfied clients and fans. You can contact all of them at anytime. These are real people with real contact information.

    Some audiences do not know what to expect or how to act at a Dueling Piano Show. We know how to get the audience to feel comfortable and get involved without embarrassing them.

    Our entertainers have performed at Howl At The Moon, Rum Runners, Sluggers, Sing Sing and, well, basically all over the United States. But most importantly at The Second City, the mecca of improvisational comedy. So you KNOW your show will always be fresh, updated and quick witted.

    Don’t miss out on your date. Contact us for event and party ideas that will get everyone excited and participating no matter where you are or what the occasion is; Fill out the form to get good clean corporate entertainment, family fun for your wedding reception, your rehearsal dinner, your anniversary party, your client appreciation night or just for the heck of it — because you deserve it, you’ve earned it and you will truly enjoy it! GUARANTEED!