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  • 12-11-15

    Hi Amber- I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you did before, during and until the end of the night for our party!  Everyone seemed receptive and interactive, Rosie and Dan were fun (and funny) – you set up and organized everything to perfection – and made it look so easy ;)  Barb and Mat loved your team and the performance start to finish!  Please know, too, that so many folks here at the office are still talking about it.  Thank you again for everything – you exceeded my hopes and expectations completely! Thank you all and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    Gail M. Zell Carstens 7310 West Wilson Avenue | Chicago, Illinois | 60706  

    Dale Janus — Food & Beverage Manger at The Evanston Golf Club wasn't sure about expanding their entertainment options for their guests. it was a risk for him. But he had not found a decent performance group during his 2 year tenure at the club. His fears were quickly allayed when he had over half of his members RSVP'd for the event. . . . . and he got a heartfelt thank you from the members at the end of the night. He was so grateful he let us record his thoughts . . .

    “Wow! Incredible! Dan is amazing. He came in here with no rehearsal completely took over the show. He sang. He played. He interacted with everyone. The whole set was hopping! Get Dan for your next party. He can do it all!”

    Art Norman – Channel 5 News, NBC Chicago

    I knew from the moment I talked to you on the phone that every one else were just car salesmen. You guys are the real deal. You were everything I hoped for. Our members loved the show. We sold out the house and we have to have you back at least 3 more times this year. You were wonderful!

    Mike Nix
    The Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL
    February 2009, May 2009, October, 2009, January 2010, April 2011

    I wanted to thank you guys again. It was awesome!  I am still getting people asking me how I found you guys and what a great time they had and can we get you back again. Your wife Amber was also great at helping keep everything together while you guys were on stage. All in all it was an outstanding evening. Everyone is excited for next year. So we need to book you again. Put us on the calendar for the same weekend next year.

    Mike Born
    Aquinas Catholic Academy
    November 2009, November 2010 and booked November 201

    That was fantastic! Every once in a while all the stars are aligned and everything just clicks! That was the case at my house Saturday for my wife’s 50th birthday party. One of my friends asked me for your card and said she want to throw the exact same party. I couldn't have a nicer compliment than that. Yesterday, Sunday the day after, I couldn’t believe the number of friends and relatives that called to tell us what a wonderful time they had and all asked how we were able to find such a great entertainer like you. You have to admit our friends know how to have a good time… but you made the party. You knew every song and if you didn’t you were very good at faking it.

    Chuck Feldman
    Buffalo Grove, IL
    January, 2010

    Just wanted to thank you for an amazing show.  We received many, many compliments and the rave reviews just keep coming.  When we were looking at ideas for our Member Event, we explored many options, and I can truly say that booking a Dueling Pianos show was the way to go.  We had a packed house, standing room only, and we had to turn people away. Dan and Ted are amazing performers.  Beyond being highly entertaining, their ability to read the crowd, and to get them going was spot-on.  Amber’s production assistance made everything run smoothly and seamlessly.  Overall, everything was excellent, and I would gladly recommend your show to anyone. BTW, their slogan is right on the money! I look REALLY good because they sounded so good!

    Claudia Martin – Event Coordinator
    The Royal Country Clubs
    Royal Fox Country Club, St. Charles IL
    630 690.0101 x242
    January, 2010

    “It was an honor to have you in our home for my wife’s 50th Surprise Birthday Party. You really made the party” Steve Hageman Remington Seeds, LLC December, 2008 Thanks again for everything. The compliments keep coming in…You  were awesome. WOW!!! You rocked the house at St. Vincent last night. We had a great time and your slogan is right on the money. “You will look good because we sound good.” I had compliments galore. The compliments keep coming in… It was definitely a fun time by everyone. So much fun!

    Tracey Giovani
    Peoria, IL
    February 2009

    You really made Gary Ray’s Retirement Party a very special event. The original song parodies you came up with for the formal program received positive comments. You got a bunch of executives with no theater experience up on stage, cracking jokes and singing songs. Afterwards your participation and your piano playing was loved by everyone.

    Wm. F. Snyder Senior VP – Hormel Foods
    Austin, MN
    November, 2008, October 2009

    When my daughter and her fiancé came to me and said they wanted a solo pianist for their wedding reception, I thought they were nuts. I said, “Don’t you want a band? Or a DJ?” And they said, “No Dad, this guy is that good. You’ll see. He will get the party going and he’ll guarantee to sing all the songs we want.” They were right. I was very surprised a solo piano player could do all that. Dan the Pianoman played all of the songs they wanted. He MCd all of the announcements and dedications perfectly. Thank you for making our special night memorable.

    Thomas Miller, Father of The Bride
    October 18th, 2008

    “You were fantastic! We will have to have you back to our home for next year’s company party. Everyone loved the way you got people involved. You even got the little children involved playing instruments and dancing with hats and ribbons. When they got too tired, you played all songs the adults wanted to hear. Thank you!”

    Ryan and Pat Sheley, TurboJet Inc.
    November 16th, 2008

    “The entire board unanimously agreed. We need to have you back for next year’s fund raiser. Dan literally had this old historic home shaking to its foundation. I am sending your deposit for next year’s event right now. When people in town find out you are playing again, we will raise the money we need to complete our restoration.”

    Laura Helle, Hormel Historic Home, Austin, MN
    September, 2008

    “We had the pleasure of having All American Dueling Pianos. They were our entertainment for our annual users’ conference. The crowd loved them. They let us get up on stage and participate with them. I would recommend these guys for any event you might have. They are fantastic musicians; they have fantastic singing voices and they go with the flow. They are very good.”

    Mark Thompson
    President of the Friedman Corporation
    May 2008

    “I want to tell you about All American Dueling Pianos. I first spoke to Dan on the phone a couple of months ago.  Talking to him I thought I was going to see a good show. I am hoarse right now because I spent a lot of time singing and laughing at perhaps one of the greatest shows I have ever seen.  If it wasn’t for the fact that the hotel staff (Renaissance in Schaumburg IL) shut us down we would still have these guys playing. This was one of the greatest nights we ever have seen at our conference.  We expect to have them back again next year. So book them right now.”

    Don McCoy
    May 2008

    “They were excellent, excellent!  It was awesome! It was outstanding!  On a scale of 1-10, they were a 10. If you haven’t tried them you have got to get them for your next event. They really drew the crowd in. Everyone is still talking about All American Dueling Pianos.”

    Stephen Ball  
    Midwest Transit
    April 2008, June and July 2009

    “We had All American Dueling Pianos here tonight. We were very happy with their performance. We would definitely have them back.  We hire a lot of bands and entertainers for our company functions. They kept the crowd enthused the whole night.  They were professional every step of the way, from the proposal, to their promotional materials all the way through the night of the performance. You guys did a great job.”

    Don Hill
    Ryan Central Corp
    Feb. 2008

    “Dan and everyone at All American Dueling Pianos did a great job. We didn’t know who you were before we called. But we took a leap of faith and you certainly came through in starring fashion. We had so much fun. All of our friends had an absolute blast. Sami and all of her friends were dancing all night and you really kept them all involved. You guys were a huge hit. We will be calling again for Rachel’s (next daughter) date in two years. And we have already referred to 3 of our friends. Thanks for making this special occasion that much more special.”

    David and Nancy Gross
    Merrillville, IN on their daughter Sami’s Bat Mitvah

    I’ve been doing shows like this for 30 years and I have never had entertainers do everything I asked them to like you guys did. Thank you. For the record, you are the only performer we have ever asked back for a repeat performance in our 45 year history.  That should tell you how pleased we were with you.

    Ty Gable, CEO, National Precast Concrete Association
    November 2007, October 2009

    I wish all the entertainers I deal with were as kind as you. You'll be my first call next time around!

    Kelly Martin Director of Corporate Events
    The Onesti Entertainment Corporation

    Dan, Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job at my father’s party! I have been bragging to everyone how great the music was and how guests from age 8 to 80 years of age were up and dancing! We really appreciate your hard work and creative energy!  You made the party a success!! Just a quick note to say thanks for a great party!!  You guys definitely made the difference, as I never thought I would see anyone dancing during this party.  

    Thanks again,   Susan & Arthur Reingold, Highland Park, IL

    “I hired these guys because I wanted them to take care of our customers who are the transportation providers for Indiana.  I could not have done better for a better show. Thanks All American Dueling Pianos!”

    Midwest Transit
    April 2008, June and July 2009

    "Dan has been playing at a party that we give for attendees at our sales training classes for the last few years, and we think he is great. At the beginning of the party he plays quiet background music and then as the evening progresses, he ups the tempo and always manages to get a least half the group out on their feet dancing. Dan is also very good at getting the musicians or singers in the group to join in, either playing guitar or singing along with various popular tunes."

    Simon Perutz, President
    Nimlok Company
    Niles, Illinois

    “Loved the show you guys are awesome you rock We would never want anyone else to play piano for us.”

    Maggie Rossi 
    May 2008
    Friedman Corporation

    I feel compelled to emphasize to you how thrilled I was to have you in my home for my recent party. It is rarely easy to please fifty people at one time but you managed to do it! I am so grateful to you for making our evening a truly memorable experience. The life and energy, not to mention fabulous music you brought into my living room was beyond compare and many weeks later, everyone is still talking about you and raving about how extraordinarily talented you are. There has not yet been a day that has gone by in the last month where someone or other that had attended asks how to get a hold of you or when I was having my next party. We are ALL looking for excuses to "sing along" with Dan Our Favorite Piano Man! Be prepared for a return performance in the Spring!

    Suzie Shaffer

    "Dan the Piano Man was awesome!  Our office Holiday party was a huge success and we attribute this to Dan's creative and musical abilities.  We danced, we sang, we had the greatest time!" Lynn Kosner, Broker Coldwell Banker Highland Park, IL “I been to many conferences over the years This is by far the most entertaining conference I have been to in my life.”

    Jeff Hoswell 
    May 2008
    Friedman Corporation

    Hi, we had a really great time Friday night. I’ve never seen anything like Dueling Pianos and I can't wait to do it again.

    Thanks, Bob Robert Oostema 

    You guys have a lot of fun doing what you do! Dueling Pianos is so cool! I definitely want you guys for a show in ’08!

    -Jon Zaley
    Milk Pail Productions E. Dundee, IL   
    April 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

    We really enjoyed the whole evening. We had a great time. You played for a long time. You were really great we’re going to recommend you to a lot of people.

    Tony and Jill Markowski
    Inverness, IL
    Dec 2006

    “I have been to conferences many years in a row Tonight with the dueling pianos it was fabulous. We all enjoyed with participation and it is ending our conference on a high note”
    May 2008
    Friedman Corporation

    "There has not yet been a day that has gone by in the last month where someone or other that had attended asks how to get a hold of you or when I was having my next party. We are ALL looking for excuses to "sing along" with Dan Our Favorite Piano Man! Be prepared for a return performance in the Spring!
    Suzie Shaffer

    Thanks so much for making my 30th birthday so special Dan !! I am listening now to the songs you have on your website, but I must say it was much better seeing you in person. I will be in Chicago again in November and will want to see you again. I am also going to forward your info to our HR department for possibilities for our annual party. It would be great!!

    Thanks again, Dawn Wilson Senior Sales & Marketing Representative, ExpoExchange
    May 2007

    Congratulations, Dan!!  I'm so glad things went well. It sounds like you guys were a HUGE hit! Congratulations again on delivering a home run.

    Nancy Hays
    Nancy Hays Entertainment
    Chicago, IL

    “Dan is a superb musician. The advantage to working with Dan is also that he has a business background but prefers to work as a musician. This means that he is always prepared, timely, friendly (none of the surliness that sometimes comes with the artistic personality) and will never embarrass you or the Company that hires his services. I would recommend him without reservation!”

    Joanne Hurley
    Chicago, IL “

    If you're looking for a bright, talented guy to put some zing in your event, then Dan's your man. A quick wit, with a practically encyclopedic memory of songs, you won't be disappointed with this guy tapping the ivories at your event.”

    Jeremiah Desmarais, Owner, Extremely Graphic! Marketing & Design
    Chicago, IL

    “Dan and I did volunteer work at the same non-profit together. I knew Dan was a musician but had never seen him perform. Then one day he performed for free at the non-profit: amazing. Then I visited Dan at one of his restaurant engagements: again amazing. I've always remembered Dan as "the music man". Some people simply perform. Dan entertains. You need to hire Dan for your next corporate gathering, private party, club/restaurant engagement to enjoy musical entertainment from - the music man.”

    Richard Kraneis, TechSpectrum
    Chicago, IL

    “Dan is an excellent, exciting, hard working and passionate individual who gives 150 percent of his time and energy. I've seen this guy in action and he is awesome. You can't go wrong. I would work with Dan at any given day or time. He's worth his weight in gold.”

    Dwan Buetow AVP/Branch Manager, North Community Bank Chicago, IL

    “Our parents loved your performance at the ISU Family Weekend 2006! Everything went so smoothly and everyone enjoyed it so much they would like you to come back for a repeat performance for ISU Family Weekend 2007.  This is Illinois State University's 150th year anniversary.  Contracting with you again would be a wonderful way to help the Parents Association celebrate 150 years with the campus.”

    Debbie Hughes
    President - ISU Parents Association Normal, IL   
    October 2005, 2006, 2007 

  • “All American Dueling Pianos guaranteed that the audience would “smile more than once” during their performance.  Not only did our guests smile more than once, but they sang, danced, and really engaged with Dan and Desi.  I couldn’t be happier with how well-received the dueling pianos were for our event.  We had people from the ages of 0 to nearly 90 at our church’s anniversary celebration, and you could tell that everyone was enjoying Dan and Desi’s performance.”

    8-27-16 Alison from St. Mary’s Church Pontiac