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  • Corporate Event Planners often have some “go-to” ideas when it comes to hiring a headline act for their big event entertainment.

    Maybe it’s a DJ, or a tribute band, or a celebrity impersonator.

    There’s just one problem with all of those types of acts: they’re rarely improvisational.

    What happens in that case? The audience not connecting with the entertainment or, worse yet, they’re just sitting and watching. They’re not connecting with each other.

    Which means it’s not going to be a memorable event.

    Create corporate events with great memories

    A Memorable Corporate Event Includes Everyone

    Think about it. Would you rather watch a musician play some songs? Or would you rather watch an entertainer have your colleagues laughing, singing and creating a terrific time?

    The more you can make the entertainment memorable, and the more you can forge an emotional connection with your audience, the more meaningful the experience becomes.

    It’s not just my opinion; it’s the opinion of “experts” as well. Take a look at this article and you’ll see what I mean.

    Speaking of making your event a more personal experience, check out this article too.

    What All American Dueling Pianos offers is a one-two-three entertainment punch: music, comedy and improv.

    Working together, those two unique talents helps to ensure that the event experience invites, embraces, engages and delights the audience.

    They’ll walk away from your corporate event with happy, lasting memories. They’ve had a wonderful time with their friends and co-workers.

    That’s exactly what you want to happen!

    And whether you’re planning for a product rollout, sales seminar, trade show or other type of company event, consider this: we deliver an interactive entertainment experience that has your audience clamoring for more.

    Sound exciting? You bet it does. And the best way to see how it fits into your overall strategy is to talk about it.

    How about giving me a call me at right now? If I’m not available, Amber will probably answer the phone. You can reach either of us at (773) 456-4439.