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  • The lights dimmed. The crowd quieted down. And as the spotlight hits me onstage, 700+ people in the audience at Navy Pier waited for me to begin.

    The rest, as they say, was history.

    Make that excellent history.

    Make that decibel-busting laughter, applause, singing and clapping history for everyone who was in attendance at that particular show.

    As an entertainer, I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s as if everything I strived for in my career came to a head that evening.

    Was the client happy? If I’m telling the story, do you even have to ask?

    (The answer was an unequivocal “yes.”)

    The key was my being able to put everyone at ease, so they were engaged. They were leaning in from the very beginning, enjoying themselves in ways they never expected.

    So it wasn’t just entertainment, it became an experience for the audience.

    How did I do it?


    The kind of experience that ten years of improv at Second City gives you. You learn a lot on how to engage an audience using improv.

    It teaches you how to read the audience’s responses. You hear what they laugh at, you see their reactions and you play off their energy and build on it.

    But a memorable event doesn’t start when the lights dim. It starts in the planning.

    I’d like to tell you more about building a memorable event, and the best way I know is to talk to you about it.

    Why not give me a call at your convenience, at (773) 456-4439.

    I promise that it’ll be time well spent!