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  • Did you ever hear one of the attendees leave one of your corporate events saying, “wow…that was amazing!”

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have event planners tell me that is exactly what they’ve heard people say, and honestly, they’ve said it themselves.

    But how can you arrive at that point? How do you create a corporate event that leaves people “wowed?”

    For me, a corporate event entertainment package becomes a collaborative process with the client.

    I’ll create that one special song, or develop that one memorable moment. A special entertainment experience that has people clapping their hands, singing along and praising you for finding us.

    Lots of laughs, singing and dancing

    Whatever the event, I’ll create customized songs that fit in with a strong brand presence or key elements of a new product launch. Have you got that one-time special event coming up where you’re going to have to knock it out of the park? Did someone come up with a spectacular theme for trade show messaging? , Are you looking for that unique idea that will honor your exceptional celebrant or awardee?

    When you hire me, here’s what you get:  a seasoned professional who has built a reputation of making events an overwhelming success, filled with lasting memories for everyone.

    Isn’t that what you want when hiring a lead entertainer?

    I sure hope so. That’s because I know corporate entertainment! It’s a unique niche, and it’s what I specialize in!

    I work hand-in-hand with you to make sure the content, the music, and the comedy are in line with your goals, your message, and your audience.

    All good clean live music and comedy where everyone in attendance will feel comfortable.

    Sound like the professional entertainment you’re looking for?

    Let’s talk about it!

    I encourage you to give me a call at (773) 456-4439. I’m here to answer any questions you may have, discuss the process or check available dates.