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  • We get lots of calls for charity events, all kinds really. Churches. Schools. Not for Profits. And we love doing them. Why?

    Because we can help you improve your donations exponentially. We do it from the stage. People who have been to a dueling pianos show before know how we do it. We are experts at encouraging people to contribute in a very fun and entertaining way.

    We also have seen attendance increase each year when school boards hire us again and again. People come out in ever increasing numbers. One Catholic school in particular has been able to increase enrollment while other schools in their area were forced to shutter their classrooms. The committee was able to increase ticket prices by almost double from when we first started with them 4 year ago.

    We just got a call this week for an after school sports program who needs to raise funds. Their enrollments have increased to over 100 kids. They need to buy some sporting equipment and they were referred to us from the local school. The local schools are not able to maintain these kinds of programs like they used to in the past. So they look to groups and individuals to the take up the slack.

    We’re also seeing more corporate events including fund raising efforts at their company events. For example, they’ll hold a raffle for a local charity. We were up in Wisconsin over the Holiday season and we saw two charities receiving support. One was a group that was rehabbing houses so that elderly people could stay in their homes. The other was a local food bank. This was a fairly large manufacturing company. Impressive.

    So give us a call if you’re thinking about hosting a charity event of any kind. We can walk you through the ins and outs. It could make all the difference between a successful fund raiser or a charity event that no one shows up to.

    Dan Gillogly
    All American Dueling Pianos
    (773) 456-4439