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  • We had another amazing night last Saturday. I can’t explain it. I know what we do and I know what the ‘formula’ is. But I can’t explain to you in words how well it truly works.

    But I’ll try to explain anyway …

    We were invited and hired to perform at a corporate event. Entertainment at this kind of event is very difficult to do successfully. We had a little over 1250 people. About 200 of those folks were children. Kids aged 12 and under. Within the first 5 minutes we had them all onstage attempting to do join in. We were distracted from our script. We were torn away from our opening salvo, guaranteed to get people involved and comfortable with the dueling piano music show format — the formula that guarantees fun every time.

    So what did we do?

    We had a room full of people who wanted to be entertained with music and laughs and we didn’t have a chance because of all these kids. or did we?

    But because a dueling piano music show is so versatile, we had a hope. So we broke into some Elvis. Universally appealing, right? We got the kids on stage and got them to start acting like ‘The King’.

    Granted, the majority of kids don’t know who Elvis is (or was) But kids are little monkeys. They will mimic endlessly. So I taught them Elvis moves and we were off to the races.

    We got a good solid hour and a half of games going with the kids. Games of trust. Games of imagination. They loved every minute of it and the parents loved it because not only did we give the parents a break so they could visit with their friends and co-workers, we wore those little ones out. By the time we were done with them, they were ready beddy bye and Mom and Dad were off the hook.

    Yet another successful corporate event entertainment package that we did not foresee when we were hired.

    Versatility. Music. Laughs and above all … great memories that will last a lifetime. A dueling piano music show is the best way to go. Try it. You’ll see what everyone is talking about.