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    Yes the leaves are already starting to change up here in Wisconsin. We are here for a company event dueling pianos show. It is a gorgeous day. But just looking at the trees you can tell it’s coming. Old Man Winter will be making his headline engagement in short order.

    So what kind of fun are you going to have this winter? Will it keep you warm? Will you be singing by the campfire with all your friends? Or will you be hunkered down under 4 Pounds of blankets to keep the chill away?

    I know what I’m going t be doing. I’ll be singing around the pianos with all of my new friends that I haven’t met yet. Wisconsin dueling pianos has some great performers thanks to my good friend Ted Oliver giving me a call to jet on up here for this company event.

    Maybe we can do the same for you. Give us a call. We’ll be right there.