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  • As a professional musician with over 30 years experience, I have been able to observe good event planners and the Not-So-Good meeting planners. In this next series of blogs, I am about to reveal some of the strategies that all event planners could use to host a successful event I they are smart.

    Everyone knows thorough planning goes into every successful gathering. After you read these next 6 blogs or so, you will also know the missing ingredient if you truly want your guests talking about how great your party was weeks afterwards. Otherwise you may risk losing your ability to attract classy guests, invitations to other good parties in the future or, worse yet, your standing in your community.

    Before we do that, let me ask you a personal question . . . .

    Do you remember your first kiss?

    I’ll bet you don’t have to think too long to remember everything about that time of your life. The season. The color of their eyes. Your rapid heartbeats and your sweaty palms.

    Now take a deep breath and let yourself go back and experience those wonderful feelings. Then ask yourself this question: What music were you listening to? Just think about the hit songs from that time and all your favorite albums.

    I would like to help you experience those wonderful memories again.

    My name is Dan Gillogly. I’m a professional entertainer, a music production specialist, a singing pianist. I’ve worked with affluent party planners and homeowners for over 30 years on multiple special events.

    Over that time, I’ve observed time and time again how many folks can dramatically improve their friends’ and guests’ enjoyment and enhance everyone’s fun by simply uncovering the right combination of party planning information and then acting on it.

    The problem is that many folks have no idea that this ‘right’ party planning information even exists much less where they can find it and, as a result, they let a great opportunity for fun and great memories ‘fall through the cracks’.

    Why Many Ordinary Event Planners Are Throwing Boring Parties and
    Not Knowing Where to Turn or What To Do to Fix It.

    The fact is that many homeowners don’t know how to plan a party that is unique, exciting and memorable are wasting their time and ruining their reputations – often without knowing it.


    Simply put, party planning is getting more and more sophisticated, elaborate and more complicated every year.

    I know of one family that hosted their daughter’s 12th Birthday where the entire party was Japanese. All the little girls were from the Japanese class at school, wore tiny kimonos and ate sushi. I’m pretty sure they didn’t serve Sake. Now how are you going to compete with that? Where are you going to find all that information without doing 14 different Google searches?

    There are 5 areas of consideration that need to go into your planning every time you think about throwing a party.

    Read on in the next blog to hear about number 1 . . .