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  • We had the honor of playing Bryan and Angie’s wedding reception music last week in South Bend, IN.

    We were at The Studebaker House –an exquisitely designed home with landmark status. It has been converted into an efficient restaurant and banquet facility.

    The staff was friendly and helpful. We were under a tent outdoors. The set up was a little tricky because the stage was set up on the grass by an outside vendor. We needed help adjusting everything to make the stage safe and even. Even though it was quite chaotic before the guests arrived, as is always the case, we still got both piano ready to go and in sync with the PAs.

    The food was excellent. As we were waiting to eat we met a couple who was coming in to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. What a tradition Tippecanoe Restaurant has — To be getting couples coming back year after year like this.

    Dueling Pianos at your wedding reception is very family friendly. There was one Mom out there dancing with her kids all night long! They thought she was drunk. She was just having a great time with her family.

    So if you’re going to be hosting private parties or an event like a wedding in South Band, IN go to The Studebaker Mansion at Tippecanoe Restaurant.