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  • We’ve got another wedding coming up this weekend. I love weddings. Everyone always has fun. Especially when the bride and groom are hip enough to hire dueling pianos as their wedding music band.

    The Dance Floor Gets Packed w Dueling Pianos Wedding Music

    The Dance Floor is Packed

    We’ve done a ton of these gigs over the years. We are seeing a steady increase in calls lately. Is it the budget? We offer all kinds of affordable packages. Is it the stars aligned where more and more people are falling in love these days? Or maybe it’s just the sheer fact that dueling pianos shows are completely cool to have for your wedding music. Everyone loves it. It fits every demographic. Even the people attending your wedding who have NEVER seen a dueling pianos show will get into it. Because we are professional entertainers who are trained in the dueling piano type show, we have the skills to get everyone involved, everyone will sing along and out on the dance floor.

    The Bridal Party Gets To Make Their Requests Too

    As seasoned veterans we can provide all the same highlights you would expect any other ‘typical wedding band’. We can emcee the event; announcing the entrances of the wedding party. We can provide DJ services for all the latest hits that the youngsters are going to want to hear. We can coordinate our garter and bouquet toss as well.

    So this weekend we are in Aurora where the bride and groom want a whole bunch of country music, both modern and traditional. It will be fun. We hardly ever get many requests for country music. But they also want the classic rock tunes and the standard pop music everyone loves.

    Bring Everyone Together Sing Along Music at Your Wedding

    Wish you could be there. But we can be at your wedding. Give us a call. We’ll be right over.