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    1. CLASSIER: The right entertainers add a certain amount of class to any corporate event.  A pianist playing a Grand Piano in a tuxedo at any party adds romance and dignity. A live band at a convention or a conference entertaining everyone adds a touch of pizazz that a DJ behind a record player will never be able to produce.   
      When doing your party planning, you will want to get a dueling pianos show because when you hire live entertainment, your customers and friends will say, “This is a first rate event.” Why?

    2. VERSATILITY: DJs are limited by their recorded product and tempos on the recordings.

      Dueling Pianos will adjust to their surroundings.  If the dance floor is packed, these professional entertainers can keep the song going and will not be limited to the length of the original recording like a DJ would be.   

      The pianists for your corporate event can also change their tempo to the activities in a room.  When a romantic couple is dancing to a Frank Sinatra or Shakira tune, your party entertainers will add that spark that they feel for their special loved one or spouse.  
      A DJ has a repertoire that is only limited by the amount of CDs they buy. But a corporate event entertainer knows thousands of songs. 

      As a full time dueling piano player and corporate entertainer, I know I have forgotten more songs than I learned over the years.  You will love watching us duel on piano as we ‘fake’ our way through a tune we haven’t performed in years. 

      That kind of spontaneity is only possible when you get dueling pianos for convention entertainment instead of a DJ. Which brings us to Reason #3 . . . .

    3. PEOPLE LOVE TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE SCREW UP:  Let’s face it. Musicians are human beings. We make mistakes like everybody else.  Why is American Idol so popular? Because we all want to see someone fail. And succeed!
      Your friends, customers and sponsors will love to try and “stump the band” when we’re playing at your Corporate Sales Event or Fund Raiser. (Watch their amazement when the entertainers succeed.)  
    4. INTIMACY: There is something very intimate about seeing someone play an instrument and create music on the spot.  Music is magical. It is almost surreal.
      People love to watch our hands on dual pianos.  It is as if the music magically appears out of nowhere. When a dueling pianist takes your request and performs your song, you will feel the joy you get because they are creating something beautiful just for you — right on the spot. Magical! Enchanting! Fulfilling!! You will only get that with a dueling pianos show – never a DJ.

    5. INTERACTION: Not only will a great corporate entertainer adjust his performance to a live audience, dueling pianists will interact with each other on stage. A DJ is only one person. A DJ can not interact with himself.  
      This added dimension Dueling Piano Shows will bring to your next conference, convention or corporate party will benefit everyone. Event planners know the professional levels of interaction with the audience that good corporate entertainers bring will make for a successful event. 

    Music is truly the universal language. Live Music transcends any barrier — geographic, cultural or economic. Hiring the right Dueling Piano Entertainers will enhance your ability to reach your customers and connect with your clients.   


    Need to know more? Dan Gillogly of All American Dueling Pianos has been providing corporate music entertainment services for over 30 years. His Mom still wants know when he is going to get a job.  His team of full time professional Dueling Pianists will make you look good because they sound good!
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