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  • Fascinating! We don’t know why we do what we do sometimes. I guess the best way is to paraphrase a Nelson Mandela quote. “Being nice to people is the rent we pay for being on this earth.” … or something like that.

    I had a woman come up to me after a long Friday day and an even longer Friday night where my butt was draggin’! I didn’t feel like I was totally on. My voice felt weak. My fatigue was high and my wrists and fingers hurt from the cold. But I love being onstage and I did feel glad and grateful to be there that night.

    She came up afterwards, like I said, and she wasn’t buzzed and she didn’t look annoyed so I knew she wasn’t going to complain. She looked vibrant.

    Sh said, “My husband and I have not been out in public since our house was destroyed by a tornado in November. Thank you soo much for a great evening of music and laughs.”

    Wow! Was I blown away or what? (No pun intended.)

    We don’t know how important live music is until we don’t have it. We don’t know how important it can be to get out and have some laughs and sing along and remember the great songs that we love so much being played live by a real musician until it is not there. And we as performers don’t know how important it is to play our best even when we don’t feel our best. Because there is no way to tell how essential live music can be for our listeners. It doesn’t matter where or when; company events, party entertainment, weddings, BBQs. it does matter that we have live music and I just wanted to write this to say thank you for letting me do what I do — even if I don’t feel like it is appreciated. Because that woman and her husband let me know it was EXTREMELY important that we do what we do. It helps. A lot!