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  • As entertainers at corporate events, we see all sides of the business world. We were setting up for an awards banquet the other day. We were at the Marriott in Waukesha WI. We noticed this was a venue that was set apart from all others in its class from the moment we walked in the doors.

    First off, the parking lot was blocked off from the front door because they were repaving. We had a long load in from the side. The entire staff was friendly. Now I don’t know if this was because they knew their guests might become a little irritated at the inconvenience in advance. But I doubt it. They were sincere in their efforts and their greetings. They offered to help us move the equipment. And as many of you know with a dueling pianos show, there is a LOT of musical equipment to drag along for a successful event.

    But that was not all. As we finished up our tech set up, the manager was holding a motivation talk for all the employees on the clock. He was giving away gifts and prizes. But he was rewarding the correct response to company policy questions. Those who answered correctly were praised and given gifts. And everyone got a chance to win.

    What impressed me most about this was where they held this meeting.


    This makes for good reasoning on several levels.

    1. They were visible to all vendors and guests
    2. We could see them making the effort to improve
    3. They were being held accountable
    4. They would probably show up and in good spirits for the meeting (because everyone likes to be rewarded)
    5. The MOST enthusiastic was the Manager!

    Team building always begins at the top. If the bosses are sleazy and greasy, the employees are too. If the bosses are accountable and energetic, the staff will reflect that way too. This Marriott was no exception.

    They went the extra mile from the moment we walked in the door.

    And that’s what we do as entertainers at our corporate event and our private parties. We go the extra mile, we have high energy and we provide endless care and passion when performing music at your awards banquets, your fundraisers, client appreciation events and your private parties. We do it with fun team building activities. Games that everyone will enjoy!

    As corporate entertainers we understand business. We understand how it all begins at the top. And we understand how going the extra mile is not only rare these days but greatly appreciated. We consider it an honor that we GET TO play music for a living. So we are happy to go the extra mile. Because we know it always begins at the top and your guests and your clients will respond favorably to your choice in corporate event entertainers. All American Dueling Pianos are perfect for team building games.