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    Interactive Team Building Activities for Corporate Events

    Most corporate event planners want one thing – to satisfy their client’s needs. No small task indeed.

    The list can be endless. One area that is a recurring theme for parties is Team Building. Activities where all can be involved is indispensible when returning to the work place after a convention or trade show.

    Dueling Pianos Shows are perfect team building activities. Why not Karaoke or live music bands?

    Karaoke is not really appealing when you have an obnoxious singer. Oh sure, it can be entertaining and amusing for the first 20 minutes or so. It’s great to see someone go out and make a fool of themselves. But how does that build your TEAM?

    We can accomplish the trust of co-workers professionally and efficiently with dueling pianos. How?

    We get everyone to song along. Plus, we get people onstage and interacting. Dancing and singing to a song from Grease or doing a New York, New York kick line is fun.

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    Team Building Laughs and Music

    It also allows your sales team to face fears of being onstage. They don’t have to go up onstage and risk embarrassment. No need to hog a microphone and assault your other guests’ ear drums.

    Live music is phenomenal. Getting everyone dancing to the latest hits can be a blast!

    But most live bands cannot adapt on the fly. They need to rehearse long hours beforehand. Dueling piano players know all the latest hits and are extremely capable of improvising. They know the formula for reading a crowd of people and, adjusting their routines on a moment’s notice. Very difficult to do with a band.  Bands don’t really allow for interaction. They need to stick to set list of songs or risk a train wreck on stage.

    Dueling piano shows are designed to create a train wreck and make it entertaining.

    Music brings people together. People want to feel like they belong. Singing in a group works because nobody likes to be singled out when karaoke is performed.

    Dueling pianos works because our entertainers perform professionally on a regular basis. They know exactly how to lead large groups down the path of unity and trust – the two most important ingredients in building a successful team.

    Music will bring everyone together and dueling pianos is your best choice when you want quality corporate entertainment. We know how everyone will come together when they feel comfortable enough to know they will look good while facing new challenges.

    After all, shouldn’t your corporate entertainers build love and support for their team, co-workers and bosses?

    Of course!

    Planning a corporate event is tricky enough. Guarantee great corporate entertainment with dueling pianos. Call now (773) 456-4439