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  • Surprise! It’s your birthday! 

    Bet you didn’t know we were going to be here. When you were thinking up good birthday party ideas did you think of Dueling Pianos?

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    Surprise! It’s Dueling Pianos Party Ideas!

    That’s what’s happening tonight here in Wisconsin Dueling Pianos at a surprise birthday party ideas never fall short when you put together a bash like this.

    I sure wish you were here. Maybe this could be you? Maybe next time it will be you? We are just outside of Milwaukee tonight. But this private party that we are entertaining everyone at is going to be a corker. Doncha LOVE that word? Corker. Let’s bring it back for good this time. Denise is our celebrant. I don’t think she has a clue this is happening. Why? Because her 50th birthday is not for another two months. Good one, huh?

    Well let you know how it goes.

    Really. Live music makes parties really live. Birthday party ideas just got a whole lot easier when you call for dueling pianos from your area.

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