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  • One question I get asked all the time is “How do you know the words to so many songs?”

    I make ‘em up!

    Which is only partly true. These days with contemporary tunes most times a verse and chorus is all you need before people get bored and want something else. We call it The ADD Factor. Some people get easily distracted.

    I also like improvising words to songs that interact with the people in the room. This works best in a cabaret setting. The concert stage goes well with primarily scripted material. But when I’m in a smaller venue I make em up from time to time.

    I also have gotten pretty good at parody songs. So if you have a customized message you want to get out to your clients or customers, give me a call. I can write, perform and record em for you.

    It wasn’t always this way for me. When I was the music director at The Second City e.t.c. theater, I worked with the best of the best in the entertainment business today. I had the opportunity to write and perform with the like of Stephen Colbert, Oscar winning Adam McKay, and way too many others to mention.

    I learned how to improvise and I learned how to script the best jokes, the best songs and THE BEST CONTENT.

    I learned in the circus tent under the bright lights in front of a live audience, a receptive audience that wanted to see you fall from the high wire yet always ecstatically acknowledged when you succeeded.  I learned to try something new and daring.

    I learned in the writing sessions that went on for days, sometimes weeks, hunting for the perfect phrase, the right combination of gesture and timing.

    So to summarize, Please don’t try this at home folks. I am a professional. Or do try this at home and have fun with it!

    To learn more about how I can provide unique and memorable music and comedy at your event, call Amber at (773) 527-7417.

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