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  • I experienced an interesting yet typical conversation with the Father of the Groom at our dueling pianos wedding this weekend in Dubuque IA

    He saw me before dinner after we had both pianos set up and ready to go. He said he had never heard of nor had he ever seen a dueling pianos show before.

    Everyone Enjoys a Wedding Party with Dueling Pianos of Chicago

    His first question was, “Where’s the drummer?” I told him we could have brought one but that we weren’t asked. He said, “How are you going to get everyone to dance?”

    I said, “We are entertainers.” We get people up and dancing by asking them in a way that they want to dance and sing along. It is our specialty. We are full time entertainers this is what we do. Besides our musicianship is so high and our abilities so capable, that people can’t resist the groove when we begin. It is simply irresistible.

    Even though I didn’t say all that I did mention, “A DJ can get people dancing without a drummer.” Dad says, “Good point. But what kind of music do you play?”

    I asked him, “What kind of music do you like?” He says, “Country. You can’t play country on a piano, can you?”

    I informed it would be our pleasure. As dueling piano players we know thousands of songs. Johnny Cash and Lady Gaga. Toby Keith and ACDC. It’s all perfectly acceptable at a dueling pianos wedding show. We know all the wedding songs people are going to ask for already. Slow owns. Fast ones. It doesn’t matter to us.

    That’s’ because you get to make requests. That’s why dueling pianos work so well as music at a wedding reception. Everyone gets to make requests so everyone gets to hear the music they like.

    The bride and groom get to choose whatever wedding songs first dance that they want. This night David and Rachel chose “When I’m 64” by The Beatles (Never had that one for a first dance before).

    I saw Dad out on the dance floor most of the night. He enjoyed the slow ones and the newer Pop Songs. By the end of the night he was our biggest advocate. “I never thought so much sound could come out of two pianos! The dance floor was full all night and you played all my requests – event the country songs!”

    You’re welcome Dad! It is our pleasure to have been invited to provide your wedding reception music at such an intimate affair as the wedding of your son and you new daughter in law. Many years of happiness!