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  • Got another call to go on out to Kearney, NE for a corporate event. Thanks to the wise event planners, we are back in the Great Plains.

    Dueling Pianos For Your Conference Entertainment

    We are happy to return once again. Conference shows are a great way to get clients to interact with new slaes customers, or co-workers. If you have planned a family event, you can find many ways to entertain them all. But there is no better way than to watch the kids play music and sing on a stage full of other kids, don’t you agree?

    Take a look at how easy that will be for you to see your child’s smiling eyes light up when performing on a big stage under the lights.

    We usually bring instruments that the kids can play. Isn’t it Awesome? 

    Dueling Pianos For The Whole Family

    Call us with any questions about how we can customize your conference entertainment for your next client appreciation night or your trade show.

    Dueling Pianos in Nebraska for The Whole Family