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  • First, let me ask you what makes for a successful corporate event, product rollout or trade show?

    It’s when people in the audience are engaged, enjoying themselves, having fun and participating in the evening’s entertainment!

    It’s when people are not fidgeting, checking emails or leaving their seats – and the room, in search of something better.

    So what is the key to having a successful event?

    It’s having the right entertainment. It’s having an expert on stage, connecting with your audience.

    That’s what I do best.                         team building

    I’ve been playing piano and entertaining a crowd of people for most of my adult life, and my love of doing that while bringing people together has never diminished.

    For years I’ve been doing all types of corporate events, and one of the keys to my success is that I incorporate live music into the entertainment.

    Music is the universal language. Everyone loves to sing, listen to and enjoy music.


    That’s why it helps me provide attendees with a wonderful experience, one that is engaging, exciting, inviting and most importantly, memorable.

    Music is a powerful tool when it’s used to touch other people. And I know how to use it effectively!

    I’d love to talk to you about your company’s next event. Please give me a call at (773) 456-4439.