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  • Dueling Pianos, of course!

    Everyone will love the show. It’s very interactive. We do a cleancleanclean show. No one gets offended. So if you’re one of those

    Entertainment for All Ages!!!

    forward thinking companies who like to include families, then dueling pianos is perfect for you. Those who want to interact with us will. And those who don’t will have a lot of fun watching their co-workers and friends get up there and have some laughs.

    Chances are you’ve had some pretty BAD entertainment at your company party. Entertainment for events is suspect depending on who you call and what you’re looking for.

    Dueling Pianos gives you a wide variety of music and comedy because you get to make requests. So you can insure you will get to hear your favorite songs.

    The kids will join in too!

    The Boss will love it. The kids will love it. They’ll be happy to set down their i-phones and their droids to come up and play music.

    So call us now.

    P.S. Did you know more and more companies are having holiday parties in January? Lots of reasons for that. Better rates. Call us to see why we are your BEST entertainment value when it comes to corporate entertainers.

    All American Dueling Pianos (773) 456-4439