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  • I wish I would have taken a picture of this guy. He was reading a book in a bar at our gig tonight. Swear to God!

    Normally I would have found this very insulting. “You’re reading a friggin’ book at a live music show?!? Seriously!?!”

    But there he was. There weren’t that many people in attendance. We took the gig because — well, BBQ holidays are always a little iffy anyway. We didn’t have any private parties booked until the next night. We knew we were rolling the dice. The gig was well advertised. But there were still only MAYBE 12 people who showed up.

    Oh well. The show must go on. We had a lot of fun. We were cracking jokes. Folks were laughing at them. They weren’t really singing along. ¬†At least not all that loud. All in all they seemed to have a good time. People stuck around.

    But reading a book?

    Then I realized. Wait a minute. There are too many people in this world who don’t know what they want. They tend to follow the pack. They don’t think for themselves. When they do, they don’t always go with their true instincts or intuition. They hide their light behind a bushel.

    Not this guy. He was not ashamed of who he was and what he wanted in life.

    So he brought his book to the bar and read it while we played live music at our dueling pianos show.