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  • We are in Terre Haute Indiana for a dueling pianos show tonight. This corporate event has many challenging aspects to the festivities. It is an awards dinner for Union Hospital to honor their employees and staff.

    We are in the Hulman Center on the campus of ISU. It is a huge basketball arena.

    We provided sound with our state of the art sound system designed by Bose. We provided “dinner music” or as we like to call it a ‘Teaser Set’. Most of the employees need to get up early in the morning. so we gave them a taste of why they are going to want to stick around after dinner and awards.

    So we have to get everyone partying and singing along right away. We have musical instruments in the form of shakers, tambourines and claves.

    The point to all this is dueling pianos shows are an incredibly versatile entertainment choice for corporate event or fund raiser. Let us have the honor producing live music for your next awards dinner and corporate event.