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  • It was another rip roaring night down at Sluggers across from Wrigley Field. The weather has begun to get cold out. People were out the door and down the stairs to get in to the club again. And they were not disappointed.

    I shared the stage with the formidable Steve Kouba. The requests were extremely eclectic tonight. Stacy’s Mom to Bobby McGee to Love Shack to Save a Horse to Tenacious D to Billy Joel and Elton and Bon Jovi and back again. It never fails to amuse me. This is always a very energetic and entertaining show. Especially to us the performers. We have done hundreds of these Dueling Pianos gigs and no two are ever exactly the same.

    We could write a script and we would never stick to it. Cracking each other up is just as much a part of the show as is watching the people and laughing.

    Same thing at a Bar Mitzvah or a Wedding or Corporate Event. It will be driven by requests but we will also see ways to get people involved and before long even the most self conscious of audience members will up and bouncing or singing loudly or laughing at the participants. Never a dull moment.

    No one gets embarrassed. Everyone has fun and tomorrow it will spontaneity all over again. Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again in just a bit here on these pages. Thanks for stopping by.

    Dan Gillogly