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  • It seems like every year there are a few dates that are as busy as New Years Eve. This year we have two dates that are that way. Which means some people are going to be disappointed. Those two dates are December 8th and December 15th.

    In addition to all of our club dates, we are getting calls for tons of corporate work. So what do we do? How do you get great entertainment for your show or event? Did you wait too long to book your event and now you’re going to have to have settle for some lousy DJ?

    Honestly, some people are going to be out of luck. But here is a situation we covered justthis week. I got a great piano player from Orlando to fly up. I never worked width him before. But he came highly recommended by another phenomenal entertainer I HAVE worked with. We’ll put him up in a hotel, give him three club dates and that will free up one of our players to cover the high end corporate and private parties.

    So do NOT wait till the last minute. Call www.allamerican-duelingpianos.com or dial up (773) 456-4439 right now before it’s too late.

    Honestly, it will be VERY hard to get a Dueling Pianos Show at this date. Have you considered a Solo Piano Entertainer? Then stop by Glo Glee Music for more info there.