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  • I’m not really sure what to write. I do know I have a few things to say. The holiday season is coming up and most people wait until the last minute to book their entertainment for their company events and such. I get it. I mean that’s okay and everything but … We can not keep the dates open for ever. If someone calls in August were not going to wait until November to see if we get a better offer. Does that make sense?

    We had another busy weekend of shows this week both dueling pianos and solo shows. I know this site is about dueling pianos and everything but we do have one or two guys who can give you the same dueling pianos energy and interactive sing along with just one solo piano player.

    Think about it. Most of the piano entertainers are going to say yes to the first date that comes in. A bird in The hand is worth two in The bush, right? They’re going to take the bookings now. So instead of a two piano players we may only have one left. But ohhhh what a piano player.

    This ain’t like your Fathers Piano Bar Entertainer. 80s, 90s, Current Hits. Even some hip hop. All rarin’ and ready to go.

    Great live music entertainment available for your holiday party ideas and company events. With or without All American Dueling Pianos. (773) 456-4439