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    Country club entertainment

    Yes we are in Tippy Time!! That’s right. You heard me. Tippecanoe Lake Country Club Entertainment
    had us back last week for a dueling pianos show.

    This is our 6th year in a row. 6 YEARS!!!

    A very nice club indeed. They have been slowly increasing their membership steadily on up to over 20% in this last year. We both must be doing something right.

    And wouldn’t ya know it …… this morning we got a call from one of the members who saw us here. He asked us to come on over and party at his house in the summer. Whdd’ya think we said? Of course we said yes. What a great time they’re going to have. We have our own pianos that are super portable and seriously … we can go anywhere.

    Call us for your next party (773) 456-4439