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  • Dueling Pianos Shows are an excellent way to build trust and harmony between customers and employees. Why? Read on to know more . . .

    We were in Des Moines IA last month playing music for a corporate event. It worked wonderfully because the boss threw an astonishing party. Food, drinks and of course live music.

    We will be in Milwaukee for a dueling pianos show this weekend. This weekend’s event is also a Client Appreciation Night. Why the fancy moniker?

    Dueling Pianos Shows Already To Go When You Are

    Because it seems it is bad form to be throwing lavish corporate parties in these challenging economic times. It seems we are considered frivolous. As party entertainers and event planners, we have become a punch line to an uncomfortable ethnic joke. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Look at it like this. With a classy and tasteful corporate event with live music, you build trust between clients and key sales people. You could also use the event to honor key employees and service staff with awards and short speeches. (No one likes long speeches, do they?)

    It is showing a good deal of financial responsibility as both a write off for the taxes and a relaxing weekend for everyone in attendance.

    So think about hosting a Customer Appreciation Night with live music (such as dueling pianos). The good food feeds their bellies. The good music fuels their souls.

    We bring customers and employees together from all walks of life in music and song. Plus, we can guarantee it. Music is the universal language and we all need it in good times and bad.