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  • We’re getting ready to head down to Remington, IN near Rensselaer, IN to do a Dueling Pianos Show for a post-wedding reception. This is part of the celebration for many couple these days. They’ll have their wedding. They’ll have a small reception. But then they’ll have a big blowout after the wedding day and sometime after the honeymoon. It gives them a chance to say hello to all their friends and it’s very cost effective.

    This one is at a family friend’s house. All American Dueling Pianos from Chicago will play a 2 hour set before the fireworks. Yes. That’s right. We said fireworks. Then the show will begin again. 4 hours of house rockin’, sing along, dance along, have fun with your friends along fun.

    Indiana Dueling Pianos

    Indiana Dueling Pianos from Chicago- Guaranteed Fun for All Ages

    The ‘bride’ has given us a list of 20 songs she wants to hear. It gives the performers a chance to customize the show for their audience. And of course, the other guests are able to make requests too.

    No we’re not giving out the address because this is a private affair. (You wouldn’t want us to tell all our friends where your party will be too would you? Okay. Well maybe YOU would) but suffice it say this will be an exceptional event.

    A post-wedding reception reception. Good clean comedy and music for laughter and dancing. All American Dueling Pianos