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  • We had another very unique experience playing a private party in Peoria the other night. In our Dueling Pianos from Chicago shows, we have a blast every night. That’s one of the cool things about an interactive musical, comedy show that makes this so much fun to have at your next event. Even if you have seen a dueling pianos show a hundred times, it is always different.

    Tonight’s event entertainment was no different: a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

    The bride and groom had about 150 of their friends and family over for the traditional dinner on the night before the wedding ceremony. Now, everybody knows it is good to get live music for the wedding reception. Wedding bands are everywhere you look. But the exception to the rule was this . . .

    This particular couple was smart enough to get an interactive dueling pianos show so they could help their friends get acquainted with each other.

    It was safe and friendly. It did not force anyone to do something they did not want to do. The more outgoing people were happy to get onstage and participate. Those that were not as brave, were entertained by those who were. It got everyone to know each other a little better. No one got embarrassed. No one was ridiculed. It was all good clean fun. We didn’t have to go over the top or get raunchy.

    A new York kick line at a wedding rehearsal dinner

    You see, that’s what makes dueling pianos so much fun. Sure it can get down & dirty in the clubs. But it takes real professional entertainers with years of experience in reading a room and knowing how to do a ‘clean comedy show’. Doing private parties are way different than throwing two piano players on stage and letting them ‘go for it’ like howl at the moon does.

    You need top notch veterans of the music industry to be able to pull this kind of show off.

    Boy did we have a blast.

    So think about having Dueling Pianos at an occasion where you need people to get involved and use us to break down those barriers people have when they are first meeting each other; sales seminar, wedding rehearsal dinner, training conference, business meetings, networking events…

    Dueling Pianos are top notch Corporate Entertainers for Any Occasion

    … graduation parties, private parties in your home; basically any type of corporate event or social gathering is perfect for sing along, dance along musical fun from All American Dueling Pianos.

    We will be at Riverside Golf Club next weekend for a Membership Dinner. Attendance has been down lately at all the country clubs nationwide lately. So the people at Riverside are getting creative. They are having us out to sign up more people. What a great idea! Get new people together to in one room for the first time and have an interactive music and comedy show. Better than a DJ and way better than some wedding band.

    Dueling Pianos: Entertainment for all occasions.

    When you absolutely, positively must have fun – we guarantee it!

    Call us for more information (773) 456-4439. We travel all over the USA.