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  • I get to see so many people when I am out providing piano music entertainment in public. Tonight was kind of weird. But then things always get a little weird during a full moon. I was playing at a dueling piano bar in the city. We don’t have a regular shift there. But we have been down at Bub City 435 N Clark Street in Chicago IL at Illinois St on Wednesdays every other week. Chicago bars always get a fair amount of regulars in there. Yet from from time to time the tourists and travelers show up too.

    This week we had the manufacturers convention in town. Huge convention! Reps from all over the world. Pretty cool actually.

    Last night I had some really nice people from Texas at the bar. They were making really eclectic requests from Billie Holiday to Zeppelin and back again. But the more they drank the uglier they got.

    She offered $100 tip if I played the Texas Aggies War Hymn. I didn’t know it so I took a break and YouTubed the video. I get it down and I come back to play it even tho it might upset the flow of the room.

    She is so blitzed by then that she decides I didn’t play it well enough so she storms out of the room without paying me. I’m like, “Whatever . . .”

    dueling pianos live music chicago bar dualing piano

    Dueling Pianos in Chicago

    But then her friend was getting hot under the collar because I didn’t play her request ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’ I thinking, “I’m not even going to try that one. If I can’t fake a college fight sing decently, then I’m sure as hell am not going to try and fake Cole Porter.