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  • The month of November was when Dueling Pianos was the premiere choice for entertainment for parties in Chicago. Holiday entertainment for your company Christmas party is an essential ingredient for the success of any event planning during the season of giving. This trend will continue through December. Imagine yourself arm in arm with all your friends, singing and dancing to all your favorites songs for hours. Feel how good it feels to let all your problems go away for a nice healthy, escape that fills your soul with an overwhelming feeling of joy and laughter that music always brings.

    Dueling Pianos Sing Along Fun for Everyone

    Yet let’s look at how January as become the most popular month for company Christmas parties. Most people find that there is too much to do during the weeks leading up to Christmas. So plans get put off until after the New Year’s Eve celebrations. January holiday parties are now the becoming the time of year to celebrate.

    Think about it for a minute … you will get better rates on locations, caterers and entertainment. You’ll also get better attendance. More people are likely to show up because they’re not over committed.

    My wife and I have 4 kids. It becomes a scheduling nightmare to fill in all the possibilities in the calendar when there are so many choices. Why not spread it out? Plan your holiday parties in the January and February months. If you are worried about appearances, go for a theme party. One group had a Caddyshack Theme from the movie. You could do a Grinch Theme or even a Groundhog’s Day Celebration.

    More and more people crave the interaction sing along Dueling Pianos Shows bring to any event – especially during the busy holidays where good, quality entertainment is so important.