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  • How do we keep so many people in the room bidding on items at your silent auction? Great live music entertainment. That’s how.

    It’s easy for us to say it. We know we can do it. But you don’t know that it will happen for you.
    Tonight we were in Stevens Point Wisconsin. Dueling Pianos was the main attraction. We really have a way of keeping people singing along and laughing along with the show.

    It’s like a formula to us. To you it must look like magic. But it really is an organized chaos. We bring people together all night long. It’s interactive. It’s funny. It’s one of the best fundraising ideas out there.

    Events for charity are really the lifeblood of your organization, your school or church. Without them people would not come out in support. Thank you for asking us out to provide entertainment for events such as this one tonight Hospice Home Care. God Bless You and all the work you are doing for those in need.