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  • This is another quick blog about the corporate event entertainment package we put together for the good people down at National Pre-Cast Association’s seminar on Hilton Head Island, SC last month.

    Ty Gable and his entire staff put on a great seminar. It was the 2nd largest attendance numbers they have ever had. Dan Gillogly and Ted Oliver performed a sterling two hour set that got everyone involved. With their years of stage and concert appearances, Dan and Ted have experience that will guarantee your friends, guests and clients will be able to have some good clean, safe fun.

    Plus there are some real beautiful sunrises to be seen if you wake up early enough (or in our case, stay up late enough!)

    It is truly an honor to be able to offer so much entertainment value for your trade seminars. Especially in this time in history where we need so much good clean fun, you owe it to your customers, your stockholders, your friends and your loved ones to give them gift of the Universal Language – Live Music entertainment at a surprisingly affordable rate.

    Many thanks once again to Ty Gable and everyone at National Pre-Cast Association for making us a part of another very successful event. See you again next year!

    “You allowed me to keep mu job another year. We have never asked any of our entertainers to return in all my years. You guys are the first because you did what I asked you to do – you gave us a good, clean comedy and music show for all ages.”
    Ty Gable — National Precast Concrete Association