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  • Good Times!

    We are heading up to Evanston C.C. tomorrow night for a corporate event. Golf season is here and this is a great way to get your members out and have them socialize in an interactive and festive manner.

    Dueling Pianos Shows fit every demographic so your members of all ages will get something out of this type of entertainment. Private parties also allow everyone to “let loose” a little bit among friends without having to worry about appearances. It is good to get outside of your comfort zone every once in a while — especilly among friends who will cut us some slack.

    Dance Like No One Can See

    Music is the best way to relax — especially good music where you know all the songs you love, you get to make requests to hear the songs you want and you get to sing along with piano players all night long. You will be breathless by the end of the night and you will look back on this night with great memories for years to come.

    So get dueling pianos for your next private parties, fund raiser or better yet your next golf outing for your country club entertainment.

    Wish we could invite you up to Evanston C.C. tomorrow. You'll Be Singing Around the Pianos Arm in Arm At The End of The Night!But maybe this your excuse to join before the golf season gets cranking in full swing (pun intended).