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  • It looks like nothing is going to get done at the negotiating table and with less than a month to go before the kids go back, I don’t know if there is time to fix this.

    CPS vs. CTU

    Our oldest daughter is starting her senior year. Our youngest is beginning her sophomore year. I look at this from two sides of the same coin. I used to be a music teacher at a private school so I was non-union. I know how hard they work and the wages are low unless you have years and years of seniority.

    I know how hard they have been studying to get their grades up. If they don’t go back it may be for naught.

    The State of Illinois is running out of money and can not pay it’s bills as it is. They gave the teachers a substantial raise 5 years ago. As a business owner and father I know how important it is to be able to pay your bills. So what’s to do???

    Close the schools. The crime rate might go up. But the schools are not preparing the kids for life anyway. They are not identifying the kids who should NOT go to college. They are not identifying the kids who should go into the trades. they’re only preparing them to go to college which is a total scam anyway.

    Close the schools. We are only preparing the kids for more debt with no way discernible way to get out of it. Kids are graduating college and they are not prepared to work and now they are tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

    I say close the schools. What do you say?