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  • There were only four people in the bar when I got there at eight o’clock. Three of them left before I played a note.

    I turned to the only woman who was left and I said, “Well looks like we did our job. We cleared the place out before ever playing a note.”

    She laughed and said, “I just came in here for a nice quiet drink.” She was a gorgeous, rubin-esque blond with a slight Virginian accent. About a half hour later she asked me to play Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust” for her 85 year old Mom. I didn’t see Mom anywhere. Yet as I was playing, she picked up her cell phone and called Mom in Richmond.

    A minute or two later a table of women came in and sat down to order some dinner. I played some Chick Corea and some very ambient versions of Clapton, Paul Simon & Garfunkel, Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, etc.

    After I took my break an hour later, a few more people were in the room. They were quietly conversing, so I kept the same mellow vibe – waiting, watching, and looking to see if anything was going to happen. People were smiling a few of them applauded. I even saw some toes tapping.

    Then he came in. You know the guy. The Life of The Party. Tonight his name was Mark. He enjoyed a libation or two but he was not out of hand. He got everybody going even though he had no sense of rhythm, no sense of pitch and absolutely dividends left over in the good looks account.

    I played for another three hours without a break because the singing and dancing were endless.

    Daddyo’s Is located in the West Tower in the Hyatt Regency Chicago and hosts Chicago’s premiere piano entertainers 7 days a week. Valet parking available.