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  • We’ve had a very busy first month of the year so far. This week was no exception. Company events were the norm. It’s a trend over the last few years that has been occurring. Company Christmas parties in January.

    Yet last night was an extra special treat. We were invited to perform at a surprise anniversary party. Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th anniversary and the kids surprised them with friends, food and live music and comedy.

    We had some guest singers and some fantastic participation; with everyone joining in singing along and dancing along.

    We were hosted by Brian and Renee at The Spruce Street Studios in Shelbyville IL A great space for an event of any kind. I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

    But here’s the thing that blew me away. We do dueling pianos shows all over the USA. We stay in all kinds of hotels wand motels and such. Rarely do we see this anymore.


    An actual room key.

    They’re usually plastic cards now. So if get down to Shelbyville IL anytime soon stay The Shelby Inn and party at the Spruce Street Studios. You’ll be glad you did.