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    Piano Music Will Raise Funds. Really!

    Live sing along dueling pianos goes down in history as one of the all time great fundraising ideas and is a great choice for your next charity fund raiser event.

    1. We can fit every budget with structured rates to fit everyone. We offer across the board discounts for fund raisers & charity event entertainment packages that take care of kids like after school programs, athletic associations and most especially religious groups.

    2. Everyone loves us! Your whole audience gets into it because dueling pianos spans every demographic; kids, tweeners, teens, millennials, young families, retirees on up to grandparents.

    Even the folks who don’t get up and start joining in with the sing along or the dancing will have a good time watching all their friends and co-workers get up and be all silly. Pretty soon they won’t be able to resist. 

    3. A VERY effortless live music entertainment choice. We can take care of everything for you once you decide to go with us. We can add a band or maybe just a drummer, we can feature ‘guest’ singers from your group, we can create a karaoke event. Sound effortless to you too?

    4. These piano players can take your requests. You get to set the pace of the show. If you don’t like the song these wonderful performers are playing — change the song. It’s fun when you’re in charge.

    5. The very best reason to choose dueling pianos for your live music entertainment is we are playing our instruments. Actually playing and not pressing a computer button. Yes. We have pianos that played by a real musician in real time. Too many acts play with recorded music these days. And why not? The technology is there and it sounds so good. But because we’re actually playing piano and singing live for you, you get to hear us make mistakes and screw up the words and laugh at ourselves for doing it. Not bad huh,? 

    Try us. You’ll see why live music with dueling pianos makes one of the All Time Great Fundraising Ideas to come around since forever. 

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    oh wait … did I say 6 Reasons? Yes. I did. Reason #6 … IT’S FUN!!!